Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Today?

So.....This is my very first blog and I'm a little excited, a little nervous! I've always wanted to be a blogger and have been thinking a lot about creating one. My brother recently created a blog ( in doing so inspired me to create one of my own.

So, here I am. Not even sure what to write about, I will tell you that writing is a hidden passion of mine. I don't know what to expect in doing this, but I do hope that somebody may get a laugh out of it or inspiration......Maybe God has a plan through my blog to touch someone else....You just NEVER know!

Here we go....I should probably head this off by letting you into my life. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I am married to an amazing man (going on 10 years), we have 3 great kids....Jack (8) my book, animal, reptile and Jesus loving son who has the sweetest heart ever, Ava (6) my spicy, dancing, singing and very stubborn daughter and Bridger (2) my chubby, tough and down right funny spitfire son. Each one very different and each one I pray that God will use their individual traits for His glory!

I never thought I would see the day when I turned that fun twenties corner.......TO 30! But sadly, I am almost through my first year here in 30ville....and.....its not so bad after all! I think I may actually be looking forward to aging gracefully (I hope) and enjoying the journey along the way!

This past year has been a difficult one. One that I thought my family would not be able to shake (For reasons I will share in a later blog), but through God's amazing grace and mercy....we made it through a very tough time together and stronger today as a family unit than ever before! And though I know that this particular situation has not seen the end of its days...yet, and I know that in life there seems to be more tough times around the corner, I also know that God will gently lead us ahead....and through it!

This past year has made me crave a purpose. I can't say that I know what it is....yet. Maybe my purpose is to "just" be a mom and wife and teach my children about Jesus, maybe its writing this blog, maybe I'm not supposed to know just yet. What I do know I am here today....on purpose.

As you've noticed today's title is "Why Today?".....I don't know why, I'm just here and doing it. I don't have the answer as to why write a blog for anyone to read? We shall see what God has in store! Thank you for reading. I think that's all for today, but I look forward to sharing my joys, my laughs and my struggles with you, and hopefully learn some things along the way!

Till next time :)


  1. I think it's great you've decided to "blog"! You SHOULD like're very good at it. :) Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading your future entries!

  2. Amanda-can't wait to see how God moves you. We love you