Sunday, August 15, 2010

Isn't time a funny thing? I've been thinking about time alot lately, especially when it comes to my kids. On one hand, I am excited for the future....On the other, I can't help but to be sad when I think of the past.

It seems that this particular summer has been especially tough on my emotions....and change is painfully evident in all three of my kids. With summer's end rapidly coming to a close, well....I'll be honest....the anxiety has settled in with me....on one hand, but like I said, on the other, to be able to witness the people my kids are becoming is exciting!

Jack, my oldest, is on his way to the 3rd grade. He has discovered the arts of reading, writing and drawing and holds a special love for every reptile there ever was and is. He rides a rip-stick now rather than a bike with training wheels. He reads and draws rather than pretending he is a pirate...and though you can usually still find him packing around a sword or some kind of weapon, he has found that he enjoys making them much more than actually playing with them. He's losing his little boy ways. As sweet and loving as he may be, he is also trying my patients and I'm learning that I must pay close attention in order to out-smart him. I have found that I have to alter the way I discipline him....because he's not that little boy anymore...he is changing. An exciting part about watching him grow, is I also get to watch his interest in the Bible grow. Lately he has come to me with many things he read in the Bible...He is obtaining some great knowledge and thats exciting!

Ava, the only girl is headed to the 1st grade....Yep, she's a big girl now. She will be in school all day instead of half a day. She loves to sing and dance and make up songs...she even records herself singing them. She has big dreams of being a cheerleader one day...and is very disgusted that there is not a cheerleading team for 1st graders! She loves fashion and makeup and getting her hair done...rather than playing with baby dolls...though I can still catch her every once in a while! She was recently baptized and when I asked her what it meant to be baptized, she confidently responded with "well, when I go under the water, that means that my old self is dead, and when I come up that means that I am a new person and I choose to always follow Jesus!" Big words for such a little thing!

Bridger is 2, our last baby. About a year after he was born, I had to have a hysterectomy. Though it didn't seem like a big deal then, I mean we were sure we were no big deal...Right?? Well, yes and no. Now that he is 2 and sleeping in a big bed and almost fully potty trained....I miss having a baby baby! He is by far, our most confident, outgoing child. He thinks he can and he will try to acomplish everything the older kids do.....he's 2 going on 9! He is the family comedian, and also the most stubborn and bull-headed! He tends to buldoze the family, because everyone has a hard time resisting him. He is definatly a bull in a china cabnet and not afraid of anything! I still sqeeze his chubby legs everyday because I know he wont have it for long!

Yep, time is a funny thing...Love to hate it or hate to love it? My kids are growing up plain and simple! Its hard being a mom, but the blessings that come with it are abundant! Though I hate the idea of my kids growing up, I am so thankful that I was chosen to be their mom!